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Angela recently had the pleasure of responding to the 2018 voter guide questionnaire from the League of Women Voters. Below are the questions and her responses, where she addresses important issues facing our district today including school safety, bullying and preparing students for opportunities after high school. 

1. What do you see as the biggest challenges for schools in your community, and how should these challenges be addressed?
The schools in our community have a few immediate challenges. The first of which is our current over crowding and although we are adding a new elementary school we will continue to be stretched with our numbers at the middle school level. The second challenge we face is the age of our facilities. Both of these challenges are a priority for me and I will work to secure the funding for both expanding our capacity and updating our facilities. I also see the time spent on standardized testing preparation as a challenge that is felt by both our students and teachers. I plan to address this by advocating at the state level for decreased testing time and reducing the emphasis put on the scores for both students and teachers.

2. What steps should the school board take to ensure the safety of students?
Now more than ever, the school board must make school safety a top priority. I believe that providing additional training for teachers, counselors and district staff to help them identify any potential safety concerns with the expectation of preventing an occurrence is crucial. I also would like to see the school board continue to assess our aging facilities so that any modifications to increase security can be made sooner than later. Finally, I think that it is of the utmost importance that the school board continue to foster our partnership with local law enforcement through the support of our resource officers.

3. Bullying and racial slurs in schools is a national issue. If elected, how will you address these issues in your community?
If elected to the school board, addressing how our district responds to reported cases of bullying is going to be one of the first subjects I broach. This topic is one of the reasons I chose to run for school board. I believe that encouraging people to come forward and creating a culture that does not deter people from reporting instances of any type of bullying including the use of racial slurs is a great place to start. If students do not feel that they will be believed, that their confidentiality will be kept or that there is a set standard of consequences for those that bully then they are less likely to report. Our community leaders must acknowledge that bullying has evolved in the digital age and is no longer just something we all go through. If we as a district are steadfast in acknowledging that bullying occurs, encourage instances to be reported and are consistent in our response to these reports it would certainly be perceived as progress.

4. How can the school board ensure that students are prepared for post high school opportunities?
The school board adopts and implements curriculum brought forth by the district. I believe it is crucial that we promote all post high school paths equally. In order for our students to be best prepared for whichever post high school opportunity they pursue, we must have a well rounded assortment of course options. Investing in both college bound and trade specific paths by partnering with local business to develop mentoring programs so that students can experience actual fields of interest while still in high school. Being prepared for post high school opportunities does not only apply to academic preparedness but also to every day life skills. I would like to see the school board explore options of how our district might increase the readiness of our students with a variety of resources that will assist them transition into adulthood such as fiscal literacy, health and nutrition and civic involvement.


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Reflecting back on the past 10 days... I have had the honor of speaking to the Poplar Estates HOA, the neighborhood where I grew up. I also attended the Riverdale School PTO meeting, which was the elementary school I attended. Although one group represents citizens and the other a school, they are both civic-minded and community centered.

I believe that so much of who we are collectively as city and a school district comes from where we have been. Our future growth depends on our School Board working together with our city's administration toward a common goal of continuing the pursuit of excellence for our schools and residents! #bettertogether

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Angela was proud to participate in a recent GMSD candidate interview for Germantown Municipal Television. During the interview, she shares her views on important issues facing our school district today, including:

  • District funding
  • Standardized student testing
  • Engagement with the state legislature
  • Fostering community collaboration and support for the district
  • Working together with the Germantown Mayor and Board of Aldermen 
  • Much more

Click here to watch the full interview:




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